6 reasons my next phone will be an Android


  1. SWYPE – invented by the same man who invented T9 (predictive text on old Nokia phones), this allows you to “type” but swiping your finger across the letters. To type “ask”, you move your finger across the a, s, and k keys. No need to lift your finger up until the end. It is *so* much faster than typing on the iPhone.
  2. Android is available on devices with a choice of screen size (I want a large screen like Samsung Note III – this will relieve any need I might have for an iPad)
  3. Android allows you to save files from emails so that you can open them later. On iPhone you cannot save files except photos and PDFs. For other file types, you have to open the files from your email, which can mean downloading those files over and over again.
  4. Android lets you attach those saved files, or photos, or PDFs, to emails. (Update: It turns out you need a helper app for file types other than photo and video) On iPhone you cannot write an email and then decide to attach a photo, you *must* first go the photo and forward it as an email. (Correction! Apparently you can switch to Photos, copy a photo, switch back to mail, and paste the photo)
  5. Android has convenient shortcuts, for example from the top pulldown bar, to turn off WiFi with one swipe and a press, instead of three presses. You can also make your own shortcuts on the home screens, and these are not limited, as on iPhone,  just to apps and browser bookmarks.
  6. Android has Google Maps as part of the OS – while iPhone *forces* apps to use the infamous, inaccurate Apple Maps (Correction! Apparently apps *can* now use Google Maps; just the reality on the ground is that the most used apps like Yelp and Zillow do not do so)

One thought on “6 reasons my next phone will be an Android

  1. on #5, simple, just jailbreak your iphone and install activator and sbsettings – just because apple doesn’t want you to do/have something, doesn’t mean you can’t do/have it…

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